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6 December 18:00Vävenscenen

Reality Check

VR and AR - A hype or the next big thing?

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and after that, Immersed Reality. There has been talk about VR since the 60s and the chatter is getting louder by the day. What are our realities turning into? Is it really happening on a wide scope right now or is it still mostly industry talk? We want to find out by bringing some exiting news and guests onstage.

As usual there will be time for networking and making new friends within the startup community.

Is there a specific subject that you would love to hear about or a person that you really want to meet? Please let us know by writing so in the sign-up-form.

/ The team at Uminova Innovation

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18.00-20.00 Reality Check at Vävenscenen (Väven Stage) 
20.00-23.00 Party upstairs at P5

More speakers will be announced shortly.

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Anders Backman and Kenneth Bodin
Co-founders Algoryx

​Virtual Reality – riding the hype wave without drowning

Buckle up for some qualified future gazing! Anders Backman and Kenneth Bodin, founders of Algoryx Simulation’s, have been working with VR for more than 20 years. They have also educated close to 300 students at Umeå University in the VR cornerstone subjects: advanced computer graphics and physics simulations.

Algoryx is a tech company specialized in software for physical modelling and simulations in all possible application areas. Algoryx has, with global clients in robotics, mining, offshore and vehicles, in a short time become a world leading company with a pole position when it comes to digitalization of organizations and processes.

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Jenny Nordenborg
CEO at Neat Corp & Studio Manager at Glorious Games Group

The importance of being a nerd

This is a story of a game developer’s journey from the little closet studio to a world arena. About the importance of being a nerd and building your network, and the strength in having a flexible, independent studio.

Jenny Nordenborg is CEO and Co-funder of the Stockholm based Neat Corp, responsible for the much talked about VR game Budget Cuts for HCT Vive, that is to be released early next year. Jenny started out in the game developer business at 19 and is now one of the pioneers in the emerging field of VR games. 

Jenny Nordenborg

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Anders Markstedt

Changing our view with Augmented Reality

How can we apply new technology on old data and how will AR transform all businesses? Anders Markstedt from CGI shares his thoughts on where we are today and where we are headed in ten years’ time.

Anders Markstedt is a civil engineer from Umeå University with a background in interaction design. He is currently running the Swedish CGI AR team, which is delivering world class solutions for Microsoft HoloLens and Apple ARKit.

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